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Beyond Reason: Ordure

The rare presence of the Reflexologist

Having just entered the room Sirb was immediately aware of her. The Reflexologist, a rare presence. She was wearing a long black voluminous dress set off by a powerful orange Naga bead necklace. It’s snake like strands a powerful orange. She was the only person who had been in John East`s dream of Louise Bourgeois’ legs now present in the room, and was the person most likely to establish the identity of the leg lying on the ironing table.…

The Press of History on the Nerve of the Moment

On 9/11/2003, two years after the destruction of the twin towers, I wrote a letter that was published in the NY Times:

To the Editor:

With the loss of the World Trade Center, we collectively underwent an amputation. What remains is a collective phantom limb.

Much as a severed limb leaves behind an incontrovertible feeling that it is still part of the body, the twin towers continue to be a part of us.

Insubstantial Media: Ectoplasm, Exposure, and the Still Birth of Film

By the end of the nineteenth century, European and American audiences had temporarily lost interest in stage magic, and the vanishing lady no longer held any particular theatrical appeal. Charles Bertram, the magician who had first introduced the Vanishing Lady Act onto the British stage, writes in 1896: “No place of entertainment was complete without its vanishing lady, but…the illusions which were attempted elsewhere lost all their significance, and eventually ‘wore out’ what was a most startling and marvellous feat.”1…

The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C.


My work investigates a space where technology intersects with unconscious desire. Spirit Mediums in particular fascinate me because I believe the apparitions they appeared to materialize, open up new ways of conceptualizing the moving image.…



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