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Art and Telepathy 2016

Curated by Jacqueline Drinkall and Warren Neidich

Art Historical Sections on ESP

Extro-science fiction and hyperstition

Neuro-Modulating the Neural Material Substrate

Material Engagement and the World Brain Continuum

Theories of Mind (ToM): Mind Reading, Empathy and Telepathy

Mirror Neurons and the dispositifs of Social Neuroscience

Immaterial Technologies of Mindedness

Gilbert Simondon The Milieu and processes of individuation

Dialectical Materialism: Phantoms, the Uncanny, Spectres

  • Founder Biography

    Warren Neidich is an artist, writer and organizer who works between Berlin and Los Angeles. Neidich’s interdisciplinary and time-based art works explore discursive, cultural and linguistic fields; the ways they interact and reflect themselves in the production of subjectivity and identity through the reconfiguration of brain and mind; and the way these changes have implications for creativity and artistic production.