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CHAPTER 8: Gilbert Simondon The Milieu and processes of individuation

(individuation and concretisation + behavioural economics and psyche of the market) also/and/or Issues of Collectivity: Crowds, Mobs, Swarming Intelligence and the The Public, Interpellation, Society of Mind, Network Society


Unmonastery/Ben Vickers, Strange Things

Gianni Motti, Psi Room

Robert Filliou and George Brecht, The Eternal Network

Sigmar Polke, Human Snake

Michael Goldberg, catchafallingknife.com

Carolee Schneeman, Meat Joy

OHO, Project OHO

Eva and Franco Mattes, I know that it is all a state of mind



The Re-distribution of the Sensible

The logics of perception and experience are no longer materialistically defined only by contours of geometric and linear time and space arranged hierarchically in a rigid lattice but rather follow curved, non-linear Rheimannian paradigms that are expressed in complicated, non-hierarchical, rhizomatic shifting patterns.

Conceptual Art as Neurobiologic Praxis

Conceptual Art as a Neurobiologic Praxis was an exhibition curated by Warren Neidich at the Thread Waxing Space, New York City, in 1999 which attempted to make explicit certain trends and ideas that were considered important parts of the history of Conceptual Art but which had not, up to that moment, been adequately explored. The Neuro-aesthetic Reading Room is still an imaginary project proposal which in many ways builds on the concepts of Conceptual Art as a Neurobiological Praxis.


"Remapping" investigates new ideas concerning mapping as manifest in art but which are generated by algorithms that link different websites or are inspired by neural network theory.

Architecture of Mind

Steven Holl asks the same question of architecture that Merleau-Ponty asks of philosophy . Can the ambulating sentient being embedded as he or she is in the matrix of concretized values as they are inscribed in that being experience and understand seeing in a context articulated for that purpose?