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Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #2 (2000-02)

Cinema and the Brain

Artists Collaborate with Neurologists

Nomadic Memory, Rims of Place

Disorientation and the Brain: A Response to Nomadic Memory

Ad Gabriele Leidloff: Video of a Moving Visual Object

Cut Short

Cinema and the Brain

From the Externalization of the Psyche to the Implantation of Technology

The Task of the Digital Translator

Interview with Joseph Nechvatal

BLOW UP: Photography, Cinema and the Brain

Does One Film to Forget?

Antonioni’s Blow Up And The Chiasmus Of Memory

Five Propositions on the Brain

Emotion and Cognition: About Some Key-Figures in Films by Alan Clarke

Memento: In Search of Remembrance

Artists’ Projects

Electric Mind: A Screenplay (excerpt)

Non-Visual Films

Importance of Color

White Balance (excerpt)

New York Trolleys: Nervous System Demonstration

N 33° 51’ E 130° 47’

Corpus Callosum

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