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Being and Acting

Notes: This text was originally published in: Shifter Magazine 16 special issue on Pluripotential. Edited by Sreshta Rit Premnath & Warren Neidich

Two men on stage sitting on chairs with a table between them.
I don’t think I could play the role you play now.
But this is me I am letting it all hang out.
No, it’s not you.
This ain’t me?
I mean, I think you’re thinking of sixty things at once.

How is it going? Is it getting dull?
Is he upset and distressed and articulate?
Is he bored? Is he offended?
Yeah, here’s a good time for a joke? We haven’t got much time.
You’re thinking about nine million things and reacting to what I say and how is that gonna be, is that gonna be offensive, no that’s dumb, so you’re doing this editing at an insane rate and I mean you have to do that, and that’s your job. And you have this demeanor of levity and lightness and amusement and zest and it’s easy to ascertain that finally that isn’t what goes on in your mind or your feelings at all.

I just feel like all my clothes have been taken off.
No, but that’s something I couldn’t do. I couldn’t do what you do and that’s a different kind of acting, you’re playing a different kind of role. But anyway, we’ve done enough, we made enough concessions…
II. interrupting; fiddling with object
What are you doing there?
Oh nothing. I just have a commercial to do. And you say you couldn’t do it. Let’s see if you’re any good at it. All you do is look up and read off the uh…As they say in commercials “Have fun with it.”
II. offering the object to I.
No, I won’t do it.
II. holding the object up
How long since you tried a new shade of eye shadow?
There are 25 beautiful colors. Super rich shadow by
Revlon. Ohh I am good.
You have made me even more self-conscious now. I feel like a kid whose uh…
I. subtly interrupting; dropping an object
What is it?

I. picks up the object
Stevie Wonder gave me this on the airplane today. And it was very nice. He took it off his wrist, and said “I want you to have this.” And it was very, very nice of him, very kind of him.

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