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Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #2 (2000-02)

Cinema and the Brain

Artists’ Projects

Electric Mind: A Screenplay (excerpt)

Non-Visual Films

Importance of Color

White Balance (excerpt)

New York Trolleys: Nervous System Demonstration

N 33° 51’ E 130° 47’

Corpus Callosum

Cinema and the Brain

From the Externalization of the Psyche to the Implantation of Technology

The Task of the Digital Translator

Interview with Joseph Nechvatal

BLOW UP: Photography, Cinema and the Brain

Does One Film to Forget?

Antonioni’s Blow Up And The Chiasmus Of Memory

Five Propositions on the Brain

Emotion and Cognition: About Some Key-Figures in Films by Alan Clarke

Memento: In Search of Remembrance

Artists Collaborate with Neurologists

Nomadic Memory, Rims of Place

Disorientation and the Brain: A Response to Nomadic Memory

Ad Gabriele Leidloff: Video of a Moving Visual Object

Cut Short

Latest Articles from the Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory