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American Communists in Moscow

1. American writer and Communist John Reed’s house, where he lived in 1920.
2. Red Square, where Communist Party USA Chairwoman Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was given state funeral in 1964.
3. Kremlin Wall, where John Reed and Charles Ruthenberg, one of the founders of the American Communist Party were buried.
4. The Comintern (“Communist International”, also known as the Third International), an international Communist organization founded in Moscow in March 1919.
5. Moscow State University, where the founder of the American Communist Party Charles Ruthenberg studied in 1921-1924 and where in 1979 American Communist activist Angela Davis was made an honorary professor.
6. “National” Hotel, …

Extract from Francisco de Miranda’s destroyed manuscript, A Catalogue of Curls:

“A seaman told me of a letter the persian alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan n sent his lover, the obscene poet Abu -Nuwas, the “master of curls”. The older Jabir instructed Nuwas to reply with a love letter composed thus:

…on waking up in in the middle of the night in a sweat from a dream about our lovemaking, arise carefully from your bed. Be careful not to disturb the sheets. In the light of the moon or your flickering oil lamp observe the shifting shadows of your fallen pubic hairs that lie trembling on your sheets. Copy these curls as closely as you can with

Desert Dreams – Cock and Awe

A Note on the Type

When I was first confronted with the typeface in which this publication is set I felt as though I were in an elevator that was falling without resistance from a great height. It was a clear June day and I had gone to meet a friend in order to hand him an essay entitled “Modern Typography and the Hermeneutic Circle,” which I had begun writing the previous autumn and had completed only that morning. My friend was spending the afternoon at a local printing house of great reputation run by an old friend of his. When I entered the long sunlit hall with its rows …



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