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http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/category/uncategorized/page/28/ 1. Art and Telepathy

Curated by Jacqueline Drinkall and Warren Neidich

http://charlotteskitchendiary.com/charlotteskitchendiary_com.zip Art Historical Sections on ESP

Sigmar Polke, Telepathische Sitzung (Telepathic Session) works

Imants Tillers, Conversations with the Bride

Susan Hiller, The Sisters of Menon

Jonathon Monk, Translation Piece

Second Front, Tower of Babelfish

Marina Abramovic, Seven Easy Pieces

The Telepathy Project, Dreaming the Collection

Jacquelene Drinkall, Psychic Scott on the Phone to Duchamp

Gianni Motti, Paradigm Shifts

Marcel Duchamp, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even

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Extro-science fiction and hyperstition

Paul Laffoly, Mind Physics

Suzanne Treister, Hexen 2039 U.S. Psychological Operations Equipment

Susan Hiller, Witness

Jake and Dinos Chapman, Zygotic Acceleration, Biogenetic, De-Sublimated Libidinal Model

Sarah-Jane Norman, Hokum

Zoe Beloff, The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C.


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Neuro-Modulating the Neural Material Substrate

Juan Downey, The Video Trans Americas series (1973-77)

Pia Van Gelder, Psychic Synth

Emma Kunz, Drawing Untitled

Jacquelene Drinkall, Animating the Telepathic Balaclava Fascinator into Thin Air

Hito Steyerl, How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational MOV File

Haus Rucker Co, Mind Expander project

Alvin Lucier, Music for Solo Performer

Pierre Henry and Roger Lafosse, Mise En Musique Du Corticalart De Roger Lafosse

Jacquelene Drinkall, Hypnosis in Video for Brain Computer Interface


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Material Engagement and the World Brain Continuum

Adam Overton, Signify, Santify, Believe (with Claire Cronin, Tanya Rubbak)

Philippa Cullen, photo (“Phillipa Cullen … telepathic conductor”)

David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, Telepathy

Pauline Oliveros, Sonic Meditations

Warren Neidich, Blanqui’s Cosmology




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