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Articles by Hans Ulrich Obrist and David Deutsch:

Hans Ulrich Obrist Interview with David Deutsch

HUO: Your book, The Fabric of Reality [1997], had a real influence on the art and architecture fields. Philippe Parreno wants to ask you this question: “Can reality be produced?”

DD: I think the deepest answer is that we don’t know yet. But I believe the best answer available is “no.” The whole of reality including the multiverse and all the “production”—all the creation—that has happened and will ever happen within the multiverse is in some sense already there. The trouble is that that answer doesn’t explain the fact that there is a vital distinction between knowledge that was already there but was merely transformed, …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #6 (2007-11),Pluripotential (Shifter 16)

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