Signify, Sanctify, Believe


Adam Overton experiments with semi-fictional and gentle forms of telepathy in performance, writing, experimental music, massage, workshops, event-production and participatory artforms. He explores telepathy through his focus on the oddness, intimacy and cultish aspects of art. His work Signify, Sanctify, Believe (with Tanya Rubbak and Claire Cronin), is an artist-led semi-secular spiritual organisation and features the sacred gifts of dozens of contemporary artists, performers and visionaries. It is invested in the gentle, temporary, playful exploration of semi-fictional religious technologies and practices. He works closely with Guru Rugu, his avatar and co-director of the experimental meditation center of Los Angeles, for whom he ‘ghostwrites’. His projects explore dream, healing, yoga, subtle-body work, psychic phenomena, new age aesthetics and a very Californian post-Fluxus take on telepathic counter-culture and cultish conceptual collaboration. Overton is a student of David Rosenboom at CalArts, a pioneer of work with telepathy via Brain Computer Interface, and in his writing he has drawn attention to work with telepathy by pioneering Fluxus sound artist Pauline Oliveros.