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Articles by Bernard Andrieu:

Toward a Pluripotent Hybridity: A new body agency of self?

A performative context

The development of new biology(1) has opened up new possibilities for the question of what defines the nature of humanity(2) and the risk of biopower,(3)
to explore and develop endogenous capacities of the body. With the discovery of embryonic pluripotent stem cells, nanotech(4) and prosthesis
the old definition of the mechanical body was no longer sufficient for describing the plasticity and the reconfiguration of body agency. By body agency, we not only mean a human enhancement(5), but also the activation of the pluripotential body through its biotechnological performance. The matter of the body is the result, as Judith Butler has noted, of …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #6 (2007-11),Pluripotential (Shifter 16)

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