Mind Physics



Paul Laffoley’s “Mind Physics: The Burning of Samsara” incorporates painted imagery of photographic documentation of a medium producing ectoplasm. Laffoley established the Boston Visionary cell (his studio) to explore Mind Physics, telepathy, astral projection and visionary art, literature and architecture. Precato Auctor is a diagrammatic painting of a psychotronic device that operates as a prayer projector to generate global healing energies via symbolic psyonics. One section describes how this device will use “the five forms of prayer ammunition related to the two basic forms of energy”, connecting up a ‘prayer battery’ developed by the English UFO religion ‘The Aetherius Society’ to Nikolai Tesla’s giant ‘Wardenclyffe energy distributor.1 Other works reference ‘thoughographers’ Ted Serios and Stella Lansig, ‘ectoplasmic man’ and telekinesis, radiesthesis, telesthesis, telegnosis, cryptomnesis and vast range of florid occult phenomena.2 Like many contemporary artists Laffoley references modern technological apparatus in his work with occult tele-phenomenon. His references extend deeply beyond the modern into ancient esoterica and comparative religions inclusive of the earliest cave art.3 Laffoley emphasises the eternal transcendental nature of themes of the sacred and magical. His prayer gun diagrammatic design, like his time machine design, converts mysticism into mechanics. Laffoley’s strategy of diving into the occult to come out with mechanical devices is aligned to the hyperstitional strategy of diving deep into the rationality of hard mathematics of quantum physics or neuroscience to find telepathy or vice versa.



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