Hexen 2039 U.S. Psychological Operations Equipment



Suzanne Treister’s higher paranoid fiction artwork incorporates ‘new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare’ in her Hexen 2.0 works. Telepathy is explored in Hexen 2.0 as brainwashing and mind control as well as real/fictional use of sound, radiation and vibration to shape people’s minds.1 Treister explores the military desire for mass control, psychic warfare and the development of the internet and web 2.0 social media. For example, she pays particular attention to Pentagon’s psychical and cybernetic research and the invention of the internet, first known as ARPANET, has since evolved into DARPA. DARPA are now developing the Cortical Modem to restore sight in blind people and movement in para- and quadraplegic people via telepathy and telekinesis. Treister’s hyperstition also incorporates telepathy and hypnosis in her exploration of psychoanalysis, trauma, UFO, science fiction and time travel in her work No Other Symptoms: Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky, as detailed in the paper ‘Traumaculture and Telepathetic Cyber Fiction’ by Jacquelene Drinkall.




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