I know that it is all a state of mind

The collaborative real life and Second Life (SL) couple Eva and Franco Mattes work inside and outside of Second Life. The Mattes re-enacted Abramoviç/Ulay’s “Imponderabilia” in SL, and in response to a challenge by Abramoviç herself, the Mattes created their own SL endurance performances such as I know that it is all a state of mind (2010). The Mattes’ physical selves felt ill after many hours of mouse movement as this made their avatars fall over and over again for hours. It was not meant to be participatory, but the avatar audience also started falling down in a mirror action of tele-empathy. As mentioned already, other performance artists in Second Life such as Second Front also work with online 3D social media of collective telepathy 2.0, as discussed by Jose Luis Brea, and by Jacquelene Drinkall in the article The Art and Flux of Telepathy 2.0 in Second Life.