The Telepathic Table

16 Beaver Group created The Telepathic Table, a world event where telepathy and telekinesis overlap: “we are now telling people interested in art, politics and social change, that they don’t have to move from where they are.”[1] Developed for May Day, the invitation did not require participants to travel the globe: “You don’t need to contact us before May 1st. Just do something with other people at a table, think telepathically, politically, artistically, and send us the results after it happens!” It invites table-tapping telekinesis to be different to Marx’s depiction of commodity fetishism as a table performance; The Telepathic Table is more based on social cohesion and celebration of labour as a movement instead of a fetishistic alienation of labour from the table object as commodity. Global telekinesis was attempted through creative-actions-at-a-distance. In the spirit of May Day, competition and occult forces of market and possession take a back seat to collaborative solidarity.


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[1] Jo-Anne Green, The Telepathic Table, Networked Performance, cited December 10, 2013,