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Articles by Andreas Roepstorff:

Functional Architectonics of the Brain: Co-evolving Structures of Meaning

I will start with the architectonics of the brain, and then I think I will start out with the idea that is difficult to do neurosciences without calling it Constructivism in some sense. I think we saw that very beautifully today in what Beau Lotto said and what Daniel Glaser said earlier, yesterday. I won’t really say that much more about it now. It just seemed to be that if you are a neuroscientist today that’s how you think about it, and one way to put it is the brain basically feels worlds out of the world as the environment is transformed into experiential Buddahs. …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #5 (2005-07),Architecture and Architectonics

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