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Earlier on this week there was series on BBC television called ‘How Art Made the World‘. While the programme’s direction presented serious difficulties for me, the last episode did have a striking proposition concerning humanity’s earliest imagery depicted in caves – the possibility that, rather than being representations of hunting scenes or anything else, these paintings have far more to do with sensory depravation, and as a result are direct neurological images projected onto cave walls. …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #5 (2005-07),Curating the Neural-Sensorial - Cognitive

The Phantom Limb in Contemporary Art and Exhibition Practice

There are many possible ways of beginning my contribution but I think I will relate to you when Marq Smith and I last met. This was at a conference he co-organised at the ICA, London in 2000 on Prosthetics and Cultural Theory. I was the only person speaking about phantom limbs rather than the main topic which was prosthetics in cultural studies and art. …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #4 (2004),3. Co-evolutionary Cultural and Aesthetic Practices

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