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Articles by Antje Majewski:

Entity: Report On A Visit To The Didactic Branch Of The Museum For Applied Hermeneutics, Bielefeld, Germany, August 11, 2117

We are led into a large hall with comfortable seating. A young, noticeably longhaired staff member takes over the introduction. The following is an account of our impressions and excerpts from our recordings.

SPEAKER: “Though we see ourselves as following completely in the tradition of the Annales School, a narrative account of one individual’s experience Can be useful in so far as it is symptomatic of the full sequence of events. As you surely already know, we supplement Oral history with Visual history. The abundance of cameras installed in the public and private spheres at the start of the century has provided us with material …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #6 (2007-11),Pluripotential (Shifter 16)

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