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Articles by David J. McGonigle:

The Body in Question: Phantom Phenomena and the View from Within

“I awoke to consciousness in a hospital-tent. I got hold of my own identity in a moment or two, and was suddenly aware of a sharp cramp in my left leg. I tried to get at it to rub it with my single arm, but, finding myself too weak, hailed an attendant. “Just rub my left calf,” said I,  “if you please.”

Calf?” said he. “You ain’t none. It’s took off.”
“I know better,” said I. “I have pain in both legs.”

“Wall, I never!” said he. “You ain’t got nary leg.”
As I did not believe him, he threw off the covers, and, to

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #4 (2004),1. The Body Fantastic: Neuroscientific Explanations

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