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From the Externalization of the Psyche to the Implantation of Technology


In 1877 Sir Francis Galton, a statistician and a cousin of Charles Darwin, a founder of eugenics (a project of social betterment through planned breeding), and the author of highly influential psychological texts, pioneered a procedure of making composite photographs which proliferated widely in the next three decades.[1] Fabricated by a process of successive registration and exposure of portraits onto a single plate, Galton’s composites were thought to constitute true statistic averages, representing human types — a criminal, a prostitute, an Englishman, a Jew, and others. Galton wrote about his composite pictures that they are “much more than averages; they are rather the equivalents …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #2 (2000-02),Cinema and the Brain

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