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Articles by Marcos Novak:

Alloaesthetics and Neuroaesthetics: Travels through Phenomenology and Neurophysiology

I want to cover lots and lots of things, and of course there isn’t enough time for everything so what I’m going to do is do it a little bit backwards, meaning I’m going to show you the things that I want to conclude with as fast as I can and then, as time allows, try to give you the context for them and then the sort of the theoretical construct that they fit in. But I do want to touch upon the liquid architecture thing, just a bit. So this is the title that’s in the conference proceedings “alloaesthetics and Neuroaesthetics, phenomenology and neurophysiology”, …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #5 (2005-07),Architecture and Architectonics

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