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Articles by Margarita Gluzberg:

How to get beyond the market – Transsubjective Reality in the Salvia Divinorum Forest (Let the Crowds in)

This is just, it’s really a response to a lot of things that were said today, and in fact, it’s really really good that I’m right at the end of this panel, because I’m a walking example of what Diedrich [Diederichsen] was saying, and Martina [Wicklein] also, in a sense that neurotransmission and the kind of historical background. What I really want to do is propose a kind of call to arms, and it’s not a performance, it is a proposition, I am actually actively making a proposition towards a certain collectivization, not in a Stalinist sense, but perhaps an active resistance within the so-called …

This post is in: Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #5 (2005-07),Drugs, Altered States of Consciousness and Cultural Production

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